The story:

The construction crews relied on the Quality Control group to review the installation and develop punch lists.

The impact:

Because the installation was not complete, this resulted in the generation of a large punch list (a familiar issue on projects not utilizing AWP). This compromised the schedule and increased costs through requiring the remobilizing of crews to complete the punch list, and delayed Commissioning & Start-Up through a late Mechanical Completion.

Root cause:

Inspections and resulting punch lists were left to the end of the project.

Lesson learned:

The Installation Crew must be accountable for their own punch list,and the Contractor Quality Control must have the opportunity for regular inspections. IWPs will not be signed off as complete until these actions are complete. This maintains the schedule and eliminates issues with unnecessary long punch lists that take an excessive amount of time to complete.

Building from experience:

Team Builder Solutions advocates for the use of Advanced Work Packaging Best Practice for proper development of Installation Work Package