The story:

As often occurs, the development of the Turnover Packages (TOP) was left to the end of the project.

The impact:

The Commissioning & Start-Up Team were delayed in commencing their tasks, increasing costs for the facility, and adding additional cost for a dedicated team to assemble the Turnover Packages in an expensive and inefficient manner.

Root cause:

Work was planned for efficient installation without considering the needs of the Turnover Team.

Lesson learned:

During the development of the Construction Work Packages, Commissioning & Start-up and Operations should be consulted on all the Turnover requirements. This includes the system definitions, required Turnover documentation, and the Turnover Package architecture. The Installation Work Packages need to be developed to ensure a seamless transfer of information to the Turnover Packages,.

Building from experience:

Team Builder Solutions advocates for the use of Advanced Work Packaging Best Practice to address this common issue. In following the AWP Best Practice, Installation Work Packages are developed with Turnovers in mind.